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    Our Expertise in

    1. Legal advise and support.
    2. Financial support and advisory.
    3. To prepare, manufacture, process, market, trade, import, export, improve, sell and deal in all kinds of agro/agri/ products. Foods products including but not limited to spices, oil seeds, grains, vegetables, herbs, pickles and other items derived from agricultural, farming or relevant activities.
    4. To prepare, manufacture, marker, trade, import, export, improve, process, sell and carry on the business of canners, preservers, growers of fresh and/or preservable products of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, medicines, drinks, fluids and other and generally to carry on the manufacturing of pickles, chutney, masalas, mixtures, vinegars, ketchups, juices, custard powder, powder (edible) drinks, beverages, gelatins, essences, ice creams, milk preparations, table delicacies and other eatables.
    5. To carry on in India and elsewhere all kinds of agriculture, horticulture and other allied activities and also to establish, develop, promote and aid in India and elsewhere business and industries connected with agriculture and horticulture and other allied activities.
    6. To carry on the business of all kinds of storage including cold storage and refrigeration including the business of manufacturers and dealers in all kinds of ice making refrigeration and cold storage, apparatus, machineries, equipments, systems used in connection with the same and to carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in all kinds of ice including dry ice, liquid carbon dioxide, ice cream and all kinds of frozen victuals including frozen fruits and vegetables and aerated and mineral waters and other related activities.